Sunday, April 10, 2011

Nevada Governor's Military Ball

Had a phenomenal time last night at the Reno Ballroom playing for our men and women in uniform, some who had just returned from deployments in Afghanistan.  I volunteered my time and was rewarded by lots and lots of dancing and tired feet towards the end of the night.  What an amazing and stunning-looking bunch of folks!  You see these men and women around town in their camo uniforms and they look purposeful and serious, but seeing them in their formal uniforms is a real treat.  I was truly proud of them and happy to be able to play them the songs that made them dance and get close to that wife or husband that maybe hadn't seen much of them for the past year.

Governor Sandoval was there and met and shook hands with the guests until he had carpal-tunnel I'd imagine.  He seems like a fine commander in chief of Nevada's Guard and is well-liked by the troops.  I kept thinking I'd get over there and say hello, but the dance floor never let up and there was always a crowd of sharp-dressed troops talking with him.  No worries.

My son Kenny helped me deejay and collected the many requests that came from the floor.  He is in ROTC at his high school and it was great that he could experience this event and see the great people serving our country and state.

Charlie and Doug, the Dancin' Partners, were also there and graced the floor with their amazing and seemingly effortless dancing.  Charlie is involved in many Veterans groups and boards and was a full-bird colonel in the Army before she started teaching us Nevadans how to really light up the dance floor.  She was also was a great help in deciphering the various uniforms and what they signified.  What a great event, and thanks go out to Keith and Jerome as well as the great staff from the Silver Legacy who really are top-notch.  Hoo-rah!