Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Camelot Party Rentals

As a DJ, I am usually contacted later down the list of professionals that a bride & groom use for their big day and as such many of their choices on other professional services have already been made. But I am always happy to give ideas and recommendations when asked for, as it is yet another way I can contribute to the event's success.  I don't give out referrals lightly- I need to see their work firsthand and know them as people before I wholeheartedly recommend them to my brides & grooms.  I try to find and recommend people and organizations who like me who strive to exceed expectations.  In the wedding business, anything short of that is unacceptable.

For years now I have worked side-by-side with Camelot Party Rentals, sometimes without even knowing it.  They provide tables and chairs, spectacular place settings and gorgeous linens, and most importantly to a DJ, tents for shade and protection from the elements and dancefloors for me to fill with happy guests.  Usually when I get to a venue, their crew has already been and gone, their amazing handiwork on display already, so I don't get to put a face to their hard work.  However over the past few months I have gotten to know Regina Barker, Camelot's Outside Sales Manager and have had the pleasure to chat with her about wedding and event ideas as well as general business in northern Nevada.  She is a super example of a company sending a talented individual out into the local organizations and associations with the idea of making Camelot a true partner in the area.  Indeed, Regina is a member of the Victorian House, Weddings of the West, NACE, and the Chamber of Commerce as well as many other professional organizations.  She is Camelot's liaison for community events such as Susan B. Komen and other great causes.  She grew up in nearby Susanville and has gone to school and worked in the Bay Area, Tahoe and Reno for all her life.
Regina and one of Camelot's tables & settings here at the Victorian House
She is constantly giving back to the community and her vast network of friends and associates in various ways that gives Camelot an even more stellar reputation than they already have.  She gave a talk today at the Victorian House meeting about extending your network both in person and through social media and how that can be applied to business and charitable functions.  She is a great asset to the Victorian House, Camelot and the Reno/Tahoe wedding and event industry in general.  

So when I have a bride wondering about how to pull off that meadow wedding at her grandfather's ranch, or where she can get a dancefloor at the last minute, or if she should get a tent for the Tahoe beach wedding just in case those notorious summer thunderstorms make an appearance, I'll know whose number to give her.