Saturday, June 29, 2013

John & Bridget at Rocklin Golf Club

Had a super special wedding & reception last weekend at the Rocklin Golf Club (formally Sunset Whitney Golf Club) in Rocklin California, just east of Sacramento.  Prior to Bridget & John's day there, Rocklin was basically a stop on the way to Sac or Frisco that we repeatably make because of Adalbertos, a San Diego-style taco shop that sits just off the I-80 exit. But if you venture further into Rocklin, amongst homes and hills you find Rocklin Golf Club and it is a beautiful venue for a wedding.

Bridget found me through a referral from Courtney & Kyle's wedding from last year up at Northstar. I blogged about their day here.  Even though Bridget and I weren't close by, we spoke on the phone and stayed in touch, and she crafted an amazing timeline with many musical selections and neat events.  I had always been in awe of her organization and vision and was doubly so when I saw how everything turned out.

I was situated outside on a patio with plenty of shade on a warm day.  I was able to run a speaker to cover the ceremony (in a grassy grotto nearby) and another to cover the inside of the club, where dinner would be served.  The ceremony, amongst trees, flowering gardenias and posies was beautiful and interspersed with a sand ceremony and an amazing rendition of 'Ave Maria' by Kelley, one of Bridget's bridesmaids.  John & his groomsmen entered to the 'Imperial March' from Empire Strikes Back, which was fun, and the bridesmaids entered to 'Bella's Lullaby' while Bridget walked in to the Piano Guy's version of  '1000 Years'.  When they had been pronounced Husband & Wife, the BP all left to 'Love and Marriage' by Sinatra to many cheers and happy expressions.

Like I said, Bridget had thought of many neat, personal details and implemented them throughout the day and evening.  As the guests left the grassy grotto for cocktails and hors'deurves on the patio, lawn games were set up where the ceremony had taken place.  People had neat little keys to guide them to their tables and disney-themed touches were everywhere.  The photo booth had Minnie ears and Donald Duck hats, and every table had a framed quotation or two from a Disney movie.  The programs included a blank paper for guests to find all the "hidden Mickeys" and write them down, and there were quite a few.  A corner of the clubhouse had toys, a video console and disney games for the small guests, keeping them occupied through the evening.  After lots of pictures we welcomed the bridal party in with a Grand Entrance, with John & Bridget entering last to 'At Last' by Etta James.

Dinner ensued inside for the guests and bridal party who were seated at one of the longest head tables I can remember seeing.  They included not only the Bridal Party, but their significant others, which I thought was a thoughtful touch.  After dinner, Russell, the Best Man, led off the toasts with one of the better first toasts of the year- funny & touching it set a great tone for the toasts that followed.  Jamie (MoH) then read a clever and lovely poem she had written instead of a speech which had everyone clapping and cheering.  The Dads and other bridal party members and guests then added to the toasts with great sentiments and then we all made our way outside to the patio for the First Dance.
Father-Daughter and Mother-Son dance
Zac Brown's 'Whatever It Is' was Bridget's and John's first dance together as newlyweds, and it was followed by a Father/Daughter & Mother/Son Dance using 'Over the Rainbow' by Iz in which the four of them danced and then invited the other fathers & daughters and moms & sons up to join them.  Another nice touch.  The Money Dance soon followed as well as plenty of open dancing.  It was a great crowd that responded well to various songs and genres and even a "Hidden Mickey" song by Mandy Moore which added to the lists that people were collecting.  Cake cutting then ensued, with another Disney/Pixar touch as the song was 'Married Life' from the movie 'Up'.  Along with cake, platters of donuts were served and I heard many compliments about both desserts.

Dancing included everything from Van Morrison to Kid Cudi- LMFAO to Josh Turner.  My favorite song of the evening was a request for Fun's 'Some Nights' which was asked for by a dad of a 14-month old who said his son just loved that song.  Sure enough, Elijah I think was his name, got out and danced amongst the crowd and was cheered on.  Everybody including me just thought it was the coolest moment on the dancefloor.  Soon thereafter, Beyonce's 'Single Ladies' rang out as the bouquet was thrown and Social Distortion's 'Angel's Wings' played as John retrieved the garter.  The gorgeous night, with the lights on outside, my lights and lasers playing off the patio, and the backlit photo booth with people's silhouettes showing mouse ears just emphasized how one bride's dream was realized that night with all of her special touches.  So happy and lucky to be a part of John & Bridget's amazing day!
Elijah dancing to Fun's 'Some Nights'