Monday, October 25, 2010

Teacher and Educator discount added!

I recently added discounts for active military, firefighters and law enforcement officers to my website and got a few raised eyebrows from my family.  Not about these worthy public servants and patriots but instead they asked, "What about teachers?"

I come from an educator family- my grandfather, two grandmothers, aunt, and my father-in-law all taught classes from kindergarten on up to adults, and now my sister-in-law Kelli is continuing the noble profession.

So as of today, I have included a discount for those selfless, well-educated, but underpaid members of our community who go above and beyond every day.  Where would we be without those special people who opened our eyes to the world?  I know I am indebted to more than a few who helped shape me into the person I am today:  Mrs. Myers, Mr. Wray, Mr. King, Mrs. Lepore, Mr. Brooks, Mr. Stanner to name a few.  Thank you!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bridal & Beauty Expo Tomorrow!

Looking forward to the Expo tomorrow at the Reno Convention Center.  I have the same booth as the last show, and it is a great location.  Lots of great wedding professionals around as well.  Evan & Kinsey Zinser will be in the next booth over so come see us at 702 & 802 .

As a DJ, I like all kinds of different music genres- kind of a pre-requisite for the job you know.   Today I ran across Ray Wylie Hubbard.  I never heard any of his music before, but it hit a chord with me.  He is kind of a country-folk Warren Zevon with tones of Dylan.  I have to get more of his work

What is the DJ listening to of late?  What's in my playlist?  The new Tom Petty album "Mojo" is under-produced and bluesy.  The Roots "How I Got Over" disc is complex and addicting.  Just starting to listen to the new Zac Brown.  Old Earth Wind & Fire and The Specials have rounded out my recent listening.  Nothing like "On Your Face" followed by "Rudy- a Message to You" to get me feeling alive...

See you at the Expo!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Jarod & Amy's reception, 10-10-2010

Had a great time Sunday night!  After a ceremony offsite, Amy & Jarod arrived at the Hidden Valley Country Club in Reno NV for their reception.  After pics around the golf course and under the iconic willow tree, I announced the bridal party and they mingled and enjoyed a great dinner as the sun sank down through the windows.  Jonathan, the best man, gave the first of many memorable toasts and then the cake was cut to Weezer's "My Best Friend".  Amy & Jarod's first dance then followed: "Endless Love" by Luther & Mariah.  But the highlight for me was during the Anniversary Dance.  There were several couples in the thirty & forty year range, but the last couple on the dancefloor were Jarod's grandparents who had been married 61 years!  (and cut a decent rug, I must say)
The crowd stayed on the dancefloor all night- some of their favorites were "Cupid Shuffle", "In the Ayer" and "Rock Lobster", and Jarod's grandparents looked amazing dancing to Hank Sr's "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry."  I was happy to be a part in the celebration that everyone shared in that night- congrats Amy & Jarod (who are soaking in the sun in Maui right now...).