Friday, November 15, 2013

Jim & Laurie at the North Tahoe Event Center with Jeramie Lu Photography

As a wedding DJ, I get to work with amazing brides & grooms at gorgeous venues with extraordinary wedding professionals, and Laurie & Jim's reception this summer was no exception.
Yours truly. Hope I didn't break Jeramie's camera!
(photos by Jeramie Lu Photography)
As a wedding vendor, you have to have more than a professional interest in the couple's day. It will be one of the most important moments in their lives and they are entrusting an aspect of that day to you. It is a responsibility that I take very seriously, as should all your wedding professionals. You should have a comfort level with them after a meeting or two. They should be communicative and flexible so they can concentrate on bringing your dream into reality. I can't understand vendors who don't have that fire to give that couple 110%; to go above and beyond ensuring that the experience is even better than their clients imagined. Unfortunately there are many out there who view their service as just a job- another gig- another payday. Avoid these vendors at all costs!

Jeramie Lu of Jeramie Lu Photography shares that fire for his clients satisfaction like I do. He is all of what you want in someone capturing those special moments on film: organized, passionate and very talented. 

His organizational skills are such that he contacts the other vendors well prior to the day of just to let them know he will be photographing the event so that any coordination issues will be smoothed over long before the wedding day. He is always thinking about possible shots-indeed thinking with his camera clicking away. One sequence of his I loveI love is of a bride & groom cutting the cake and the first shot is of them, the second is of a loving mom looking on, and the next is back to the bride & groom a mere second or two later. He understands the rhythm and flow of an event and is always ready to capture it. He is passionate about the light, the way the bride's train falls to the sand below, and countless other things that go into framing a perfect shot. I think he believes that the next shot will be the best, and the next after that... kind of like I think when I play a song- never content to rest on the last one but always striving for perfection. His talent and point of view are indisputable. The artistry he weaves and tale he tells with his camera will last long after the minor memories of the day fade away, reawakening them when viewed to enjoy once again. That's what you want when you hire a wedding photographer. I don't refer just anyone to couples. A bad referral will reflect poorly on me. Jeramie Lu is one photographer I do refer without any reservations whatsoever. 
Grand Entrance!  (Jeramie Lu Photography)
If you need a further example to illustrate the difference between someone who takes a picture and a true photographer like Jeramie, take a look at the next couple of pix. I forgot my small digital camera that day, and if you've seen other blog posts you can tell that I was made to DJ, not to take photographs! However, I still tried to grab a few, using my iPhone. Look at the difference between someone who doesn't know what they are doing, like me and a great chunk of the photographers out there, and then look at Jeramie's view of the same moment. No contest.
My iPhone photo...
Jeramie Lu's version... Just a bit better :)
I love the joy on Laurie's face!

Laurie & Jim got married at a church in Incline while I set up at the North Tahoe Event Center. If you haven't considered the NTEC, you might want to check it out. It is right on the beach- a ballroom with huge windows that make you feel like the Lake is part of your day. They allow you to bring in your own caterer and decorate as you'd like: a blank slate that can become whatever you've imagined.  They had the tables all decked out in white and red, mimicking their colors, and many other special touches were evident that complemented the vibe without taking away from the breathtaking views of Tahoe. They arrived and proceeded to do family and bridal party shots with Jeramie on the beach outside. Guests mingled within and without on the large patio watching Jim & Laurie and taking in the lake. Before long, they and their BP entered to rousing applause with "I Gotta Feeling" playing in the background. After a heartfelt benediction by their pastor, everyone went across the hall to another room where the buffet line was set up. Another great feature of the NTEC. As dinner was finishing up, the best man Clive gave a very energetic toast followed by a sentimental Christina, the Maid of Honor. A proud papa, Laurie's dad Dennis then welcomed Jim into the family and before long the newlyweds were on the dance floor swaying to David Crowder's "Come and Listen."
Dennis then took his daughter's hand for their dance as "I Loved Her First" punctuated the moment perfectly. Dancing then continued until 10pm with only a couple breaks for the cake cutting and a special Anniversary Dance- "Unforgettable" by Nat & Natalie Cole. The last couple dancing just had celebrated 50 years of marriage the month before. What an example for all of us!
Beautiful bride with her proud dad
Happy groom looking on...
Lots of requests were made and played, from Glenn Miller's "In the Mood" to the Electric Slide to Ronan Keating. It was a super fun crowd and I was so happy to be able to be a small part of a great couple's day and evening. Thanks to the North Tahoe Event Center, photographer extraordinaire Jeramie Lu, and thanks most of all to Jim & Laurie. Congratulations you two!

Swinging with Glenn Miller...Amazing time. Incredible pictures!
(Thanks Jeramie Lu!)