Saturday, June 25, 2011

Charlotte & Josh 6-18-11 at Camp WeChMe at Galena Creek Park

had the pleasure of deejaying Josh & Charlotte's wedding last weekend with Melody from A Simply Splendid Event up at the lodge at Galena Creek Park (Camp WeChMe).  The weather was spectacular for a wedding and dancing amongst the pines.  The great house there and the meadow for the ceremony have to be one of my favorite venues, and most people don't know about it!

Charlotte & Josh, their family, bridal party and friends were super fun and danced the evening away.  Josh & Charlotte put their own stamp on the music for the events and it went off great.  After over 620 weddings, how many couples have I introduced with the theme from the A-Team playing?  One, Josh & Charlotte.  Awesome!  My favorite dancing moment of many was when Mac & Marilyn were the last ones dancing the Anniversary Dance.  They had just celebrated their 60th anniversary the day before, and the outpouring of love and congratulations was tremendous.

Their coordinator, Melody at A Simply Splendid Event was amazing. She truly cares about every little aspect of the couple's day, the experience of the guests, and the needs of the professionals. My favorite Melody moment was her keeping the ringbearers happy and engaged in the moments before the Grand Entrance. Not an easy thing to do but she made it happen, along with countless other details during the day. If you need a coordinator who will do everything to make your day all that you imagined, give Melody a call.

Congrats once again to Charlotte & Josh!  Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your amazing day!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lyndsay & Jake at the Peppermill- Capri Ballroom, June 11th, 2011

Sometimes you meet a couple and you know in that instant that their wedding day will be extraordinary.  It could be from their body language, their sense of humor, or their exuberance for each other and their new life together.  Jake & Lyndsay exemplify all these properties.  I knew I wanted to be a part of their day, and was honored when they chose me to be their DJ.

The Peppermill's Capri Ballroom was decorated in white and pink, and the placecards were held in place by slotted lemons (worthy of being grown on the actual island of Capri, I might add).  Very different and cool.  Their moms, Penny & Sandy made party favors for everyone reflecting their heritage: homemade Scottish shortbread and Italian biscotti, merging the two families in baking yumminess.  Also being merged were the two nationalities: American and Canadian.  I think I heard "aboot" instead of "about" a dozen times.  It was great to see all the friends and family that had come from the Great White North and even as far as Europe come to celebrate with the newlyweds.

As far as the party is concerned, it rocked!  All kinds of music was played, including a Russian dance number that Jake and his groomsmen pulled off magnificently.  The tunes ranged from Chubby Checker to the Cupid Shuffle; from Abba to Flo Rida and almost everything in between.  The dancefloor was rocking all night.  For me, when a group knows how to Slide, do the Dougie and loves "Apache" then my job is super easy.  I took well over 30 requests off the floor of all kinds of music and whatever it was, it was danced to.  When people are singing with gusto to Nena's "99 Balloons" in German, you know the party is out-of-bounds.

Theresa is the Peppermill's wedding coordinator and she and the banquet captain Nelly were easy to work with, very professional and were great examples of the Peppermill's customer service.  The bartender, Kendra, was amazing as well.  Very nice to everyone and she really got along with the Bridal Party and family.  I heard lots of praises for her through the night, which is sort of unusual but very cool.

Congrats to Lyndsay & Jake, and thanks to all the guests and family- great party, great people!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mott Wedding-Nugget-Zinser Photography

Had a great time deejaying Ryan & Melissa's reception at John Ascuaga's Nugget in Sparks. It was the first time I have played the Poolside Terrace on the 5th floor, and I was impressed both by the room and the staff.  The room is away from the normal convention ballrooms which makes it more private and exclusive.  Lots of windows and great linens and decorations really made the room seem airy and festive, but the real stars are the excellent servers and staff of the Nugget.

Jeanie was the head server and was amazing in all respects: friendly and attentive with the guests, very helpful to a certain DJ, and always smiling- what a great ambassador for the Nugget!  Just as impressive were Liz and Emil.  Liz was in charge and she dove in to help at various points, dealing with everything with professionalism and speed.  Emil was just one great server amongst many, but he was always smiling, asking guests if they needed anything even though he had already anticipated and fulfilled their needs.  He made me feel very much at home from the minute I arrived and he did the same for Melissa & Ryan's guests.  Everyone was great to work with and a pleasure to be around.  If you want great service with a staff that really prides itself with it's professionalism and friendliness, check out the Nugget.

Evan Zinser  of Zinser Photography was the photographer, and I know when he is at an event that everything will go off smoothly and that the bride & groom will get some amazing photos.  I will post some more of his work on my website to go with his pix of Mandy & Whip's wedding already there.

Following a great dinner and some very heart-felt toasts, Ryan & Melissa danced to Sade's "By Your Side" and then the "Buffalo Girls" (Melissa's friends) took over and the party got going.  Lots of great dancing ended with Norah & Wylcef's "Any Other Day".   It was a great reception and I was privileged to be a part of it.  Congrats Mr & Mrs Mott!