Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Christine & Mark at David Walley's with Rachel Lomeli Photography

Christine and Mark found each other up in the heavens. That isn't so far-fetched when you learn that Christine is a flight attendant and Mark is a pilot for a parcel delivery company. Both radiate a joy for what they do, a love for one another, and an exuberance for the life and experiences that they now share together. From the moment I spoke with them and then later met with them I knew that I would be lucky to be a part of their day and evening.

Having relocated to and fallen in love with rural Nevada, they wanted a place that reflected the tranquility and sheer beauty of living right up against the majestic Sierras. There is no better place for this than David Walley's. 1862 David Walley's Resort to be more precise. This gem of a resort is one of my favorite venues. It has a phenomenal spa powered by the hot springs beneath it. It's restaurant is top-notch (my mouth still waters thinking of an elk stew I had there last winter), and it's event site and staff are the best around. Marie Stokes runs the events there and her friendliness, professionalism, and attention to detail are second to none. Her staff have been with her for years, the food they prepare is fantastic, and the atmosphere is unique and breathtaking. To have your ceremony out on the lawn with Job's Peak as your backdrop... stunning.

Christine and Mark indeed took full advantage of a sunny Fall day to say their vows with the Sierras rising up behind them. She walked in to Canon in D and when all was said and done they exited as husband & wife to Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon.
Rachel at work- obviously all these pics were taken by me- that's why I am a DJ :)
While everyone moved over to the reception site, Rachel Lomeli got some pictures of family and the bridal party, and soon we were welcoming Mark & Christine to their reception. I have to say in a area blessed with great photographers, Rachel is one of my favorites. Not just because her work is gorgeous- it is- but because she is fun to work with throughout an event whether you are a DJ or the bride & groom. Her love for what she does and her relationship with her clients really draws out the best possible pictures. You want the professionals at your wedding to be as happy and as honored to witness and be a part of your day as your guests are. Rachel and Marie fit this description perfectly.

After U2's Beautiful Day accompanied their Grand Entrance they went right into some heartfelt toasts and then onto a sumptuous dinner. Again I cannot say enough about the food at David Walley's. It doesn't taste like typical hotel/reception faire. And the way Marie and her staff stage the buffet line, it isn't long before everyone is enjoying the deliciousness. I was curious, because I know how efficient they are: how long would it take 120 guests to get through the buffet line (and it had at least 10 selections). The answer? Eleven minutes. Phenomenal. I did a wedding at a different venue not long after and I timed them. 130 people. 38 minutes. Now that is more of a normal amount of time. But this just illustrates the efficiency of Marie and her team, leaving more time for their clients and guests for events and dancing, and just to enjoy their fabulous dinners.
"Come away with me..."
Cake followed dinner, and dancing followed cake. Norah Jones' Come Away With Me was their first dance song, and the universe slowed to a stop for three minutes and eighteen seconds while they danced and sang to each other (I love what I do btw!).

Vince and his beautiful daughter
Christine's father Vince then danced with his beautiful daughter to Unchained Melody and then Gerry danced with her son Mark to Sinatra's Summer Wind. Open dancing then ensued with a great bunch of dancers all night long. They loved Motown and Mellencamp, Timberlake and Neil Diamond, Jason Aldean and Van Morrison. Such a fun crowd!

An Anniversary Dance celebrated love and marriage with Etta belting out At Last and then Christine tossed her bouquet to the strains of Ladies Night by Kool & the Gang.

Dancing then continued only ending much later with Semisonic's Closing Time with everyone joined in a circle around the newlyweds.

I can't tell you how honored and thrilled I was to have been a small part of their day. Thanks to Marie and Rachel and their teams for all their hard work and professionalism. Thanks to Christine & Mark for letting me experience their day and evening along with them. It really makes me happy to do what I do for couples such as yourselves. All the best, always!
The monogram I made for them projected on the spinning ceiling fan. Trust me, it looked way cooler than this ;)