Saturday, December 31, 2011

Liz & Chris at the Kerak Temple with Quality Event Design

Arriving at the Kerak Hall

Had a great reception last night at the Shriner Kerak Hall, next to Channel 2 in Reno.  It was my first time playing there and I arrived early and had to wait for the bartender to arrive to open the hall up.  When we went in, he and his helper both exclaimed "Wow!" as Chrissie from Quality Event Design had really outdone herself.  The room was transformed into a winter wonderland with draping, lighting and LED- lit centerpieces that glowed when we came in.  She really thought of everything- snowflakes hanging from the ceiling, candles for the head table and white lights strung everywhere.  The bartender said it was the best decorated event he'd ever worked there.  I took a pic or two, but I am a way better DJ than I am a photographer, so the pix don't do the place justice.  Spectacular.
Cupid Shuffling
The reception was attended by over 200 people and it was such a fun crowd.  Chris & Liz arrived and went immediately into their first dance, "My Best Friend" by Tim McGraw.  After a delicious Italian dinner some great toasts were made starting with the Best Man Josh, with an amazing toast by Chris' dad Gary, and ending up with Chris & Liz.  Then the dancing started in earnest with some special dances and then open dancing.  The Money Dance was very memorable and lots of people took advantage of some one-on-one time with the bride or groom.  The Anniversary Dance was special as well, with the last couple on the dancefloor celebrating 46 years of marriage.  I felt really honored to be a part of Liz & Chris' big day and their bridal party, family & friends made me feel so welcome- like I was a guest instead of a professional they had hired.  Congrats Chris & Liz and also to Chrissie from Quality Event Design who really went above and beyond with all the details!
Chris, Liz & Chrissie

Saturday, December 10, 2011

TMCC Royal Father-Daughter Ball

I had the pleasure of deejaying the TMCC Royal Father-Daughter Ball at the Grand Sierra Resort's Summit Pavilion.  What an event!  Over 1200 dads and their daughters, all dressed to the nines, attended this year and the two dancefloors, the space in between, and the carpet beyond were filled with dancers all night long! It was a DJ's dream as every song was enthusiastically danced to and lots and lots of requests were made and played.  

The Summit Pavilion was decorated and very festive and on the opposite side of the room was Zinser Photography clicking away all night, creating portraits that the dads and daughters will treasure for years to come.  The sides of the room had drinks and hors d'oeurvres and sweets for the hungry dancers along with a very popular Zinser Photobooth which was busy all night long.

What a great event!  The memories made that night will be treasured all throughout the lives of the attendees and all for a great cause- local continuing education.  It is one of my favorite events I've ever been a part of, and if you have thought about taking your daughter to this event, do it!  I cannot stress how much it meant to the daughters and to their dads, and how good it made me feel to be a part of that memory.  Thanks to Amy Williams who put everything together for TMCC, and to everyone at the Grand Sierra who were so helpful and professional all night long, especially Neil from AV who rigged the electricity and gave me a lesson in amps and wattage. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Roe & Regina at the Overlook Pavilion at Northstar with Zella Events

Roe & Regina say "I do"
I had the pleasure to deejay Roe and Regina's wedding up at the Northstar Overlook Pavilion. Regina was absolutely radiant as were her bridesmaids in different colored bridesmaid dresses.  What a cool idea!  Roe and his groomsmen were looking pretty stellar as well, and they all had rattan-like shoes on that looked cool and comfortable.  I love little touches that brides and grooms do to make their day very much their own.  It was a large gathering of friends and family and all were very nice and made me feel very much like a guest instead of a hired hand.  They came from all over and I had many great conversations with terrific people even before the ceremony.  
Regina is congratulated by Best Dog 'Bama'
Northstar is a destination on it's own, with shops, restaurants and a skating rink, and the Overlook Pavilion sits above the rink but seems like it is in it's own separate area as it borders a beautiful meadow and the treeline just beyond.  The meadow is where the ceremony was held, and it is a beautiful backdrop for a couple's vows.  Then right beside it is the expansive Pavilion area, with the large tent for dancing and dining and plenty of outdoor space for lots of guests.  Roe and Regina welcomed about 200 or so guests and they all had plenty of space and enjoyed the beautiful weather and surroundings.  You could probably seat many more than that if necessary.  The food was delicious and the service outstanding- the people there are really top-notch.  The lighting is gorgeous as night arrives, and they had a fire-ring with s'mores for those guests who still had room after dinner and cake.  The whole day and evening was coordinated by Carla from Zella Events.  She and her staff were so pleasant to work with!  They had a detailed timeline and even coordinated via two-way radios at times.  Every little detail was perfect and they were always anticipating events instead of letting events control the tempo.  High praise from a DJ who likes to make sure things run smoothly.  
Money Dance!
Roe is a huge San Jose Sharks fan so we re-created the Sharks entry on the ice with the Grand Entrance. The bridal party entered to the theme from "Jaws" which segued into "Rock & Roll Part 2" by Gary Glitter...  Very cool!   They danced to Corrine Bailey Rae for their first dance and the dancing never stopped from there!  I loved the fact that I played all kinds of different types of music and dance styles- from Salsa to the Electric Slide; from the Cha-Cha to the Cha-Cha slide.  Mambos, waltzes and jitterbugs were also in the mix for this very talented crowd of dancers.  This crowd came to dance and did they ever!  Thanks to Regina & Roe for having me be a part of their amazing day and evening and for making me feel like a part of the family.  Congrats you guys!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Travis & Amanda at The Grove with Zinser Photography & Photobooth and Tiers Of Joy

Amanda & Travis saying "I do"
I was thrilled to be a part of Travis & Amanda's wedding and reception at The Grove in Reno yesterday.  The weather was beautiful as the guests gathered on the patio for the ceremony and then moved inside for cocktails and appetizers.  While Evan Zinser took family and bridal party photos, the guests inside watched a video tribute of the the bride and groom that he had made for the occasion, and Trevor, his assistant ran the Zinser Photobooth.   After a while (and many cool photos) the bridal party re-entered the reception with a fun Grand Entrance.  They all donned props and hats from the photobooth and made their way to the dancefloor while "Walk It Out" played.  Then Amanda & Travis entered and went right into their first dance, "I Love You This Big" by Scott McCreery.  As they finished their dance, the Grove began serving the delicious dinner.
Anniversary Dance!
Dinner was delicious and the service was stellar.  Shaka & Samantha worked tirelessly to make the evening perfect for the newlyweds and their guests and the waiters, led by Roberto, were friendly and efficient.  You can tell they enjoy what they do and are good at it as well.  I can totally relate to that! ;)
Toasts and dancing followed dinner and the rest of the night was extremely fun.  I especially enjoyed the special dance Amanda had for her grandparents, Don & Pauline, who had celebrated their 61st anniversary the previous week.  Don was a great guy to talk with.  He and Pauline had met at a dance 63 years ago and that night he told his mother that Pauline would be his wife.  They got married and then he got drafted, sent to Korea, and served with the First Cavalry in those first months of the war.  As the 1st Cav criss-crossed the entire Korean peninsula he was in the trenches and was wounded and sent home where he recuperated and enjoyed a long career in the aerospace industry.  He was so proud of his granddaughter and new grandson, and to tell you the truth I was proud to be able to speak with him and tell him thanks for his service.  He & Pauline danced to Anne Murray's "Could I have this Dance?" and many other songs that night and served as an example to the amazing thing marriage can be.
Grandparents Don & Pauline
The amazing Tiers of Joy cake was cut along with an extra grooms cake that looked like a motorcross rider on a dune.  An Anniversary Dance was followed by a great Money Dance and lots of other dancing which was ranged from country to hip/hop to big band to rock.   It was a great party and I had a lot of fun filling requests and getting everyone up dancing.  Thanks to Shaka and company at the Grove and thanks to Amanda and Travis and their family and friends who really made me feel like a guest instead of just one of the help.  Congrats you two and have fun in Costa Rica!
Doing the Dougie

Sunday, October 9, 2011

John & Sara at the McKinley Arts Center

Sara with her dad Mark

It was a very special day yesterday down by the river at the McKinley Arts Center as John and Sara made their vows in front of friends and family under the trees.  What a beautiful setting!  I helped only with amplification, as a harpist played seating and processional and recessional music.  George, the officiant, is a friend of the couple and pastor at their church and his ceremony was very personal and uplifting.  It was amazing that they hadn't kissed before their first kiss, and it was a very special moment. 
Lining up for their Grand Entrance
After some appetizers and drinks, the guests welcomed the bridal party to the reception with Daft Punk and Katrina and the Waves punctuating their arrival.  The bride and groom went right into their first dance, a great song by Matthew West, "When I Say I Do".  I had several people ask what the name of the song was afterwards- they thought it perfect for a first dance.  Following a prayer by Sara's dad Mark, everyone enjoyed a delicious dinner followed by some memorable toasts and the cutting of the cake.  Mark then danced with his daughter followed by John dancing with his mom Maureen- always the most sentimental moments of a reception.
Cupid Shuffling
Dancing then took over the rest of the evening (with a couple tosses thrown in) and it was a fun crowd, dancing to everything from Cotton Eyed Joe to Michael Jackson; from Hank Jr. to Iyaz; and Chubby Checker and AC/DC.  For a DJ, it was a blast- lots of dancing, lots of requests, and a bride and groom enjoying their evening with all their friends and loved ones. Do you believe I get paid for this?  I love my job!  Congratulations to John and Sara and have fun in Belize!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Alisha & Josh at the Grove with Tiers of Joy

Beautiful Bride Alisha and her Tiers of Joy cake
Alisha & Josh were married at the Grove yesterday and I was privileged to be a part of their day.  Leigh Anne & Tesla from Tiers of Joy delivered the beautiful and super-delicious cake and it was really a hit with the guests (and the DJ) but I'm getting ahead of myself...
Josh & Alisha say "I do"

The Grove is a special venue.  Shaka and his staff are very attentive, the food is delicious, and the venue is modern and stunning- you feel like you are in the Rockies yet you are in the middle of Reno.  The patio is perfect for an outdoor ceremony, and Josh & Alisha made the most of an early Fall afternoon and said their vows under the arch.
After their Grand Entrance, Jake played keyboard through my DJ system and sang to the bride & groom.   Jake is an amazing singer, and Josh & Alisha danced their first dance as he sang their song.  After a delicious dinner and toasts, the happy couple cut their cake (mmmmm- peanut-butter & chocolate) and we danced into the night.  I was so pleased to be a part of their day- just a super couple!  Congrats Josh & Alisha!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Erin & Adam at Three Ponds with Tim Snider, Chris Gardner & Liane McCombs

My first time to Three Ponds was very memorable.  The grounds there are beautiful and the special touches that Erin & her mom Lynn thought up really made the reception stand out. First off, Tim Snider played during cocktail hour between the dining area and the photo booth.  I made a few announcements here or there but mostly just enjoyed Tim's artistry. There were all kinds of things for the guests to discover- tables with favors, old pictures, a neat postcard guestbook, and a basket of antique cameras complete with film for them to take their own shots.  Erin & Adam along with their bridal party arrived in a stretch limo and were introduced to Pink's "Get the Party Started".  They danced their first dance and then mingled, and right before diner Adam received a Skype call from his brother serving in Afghanistan.  Very cool!  The buffet was delicious and with well over 200 people, Erin & Adam had thought up some very cool trivia questions to release the tables.  Very fun!  Then Lynn and Paul sprung the first surprise of the evening: a Dean Martin impersonator, Chris Gardner, who sang all during dinner!  Erin is a huge Dean fan, and they couldn't help getting up and dancing some more.  Chris was outstanding, and just a great guy as well as a talented singer & impersonator.
Chris Gardner as Dean Martin
The toasts followed dinner and Mara, Erin's sister and Maid of Honor had the next surprise for Erin & Adam.  Mara didn't want her speech to be like any other she had heard so she devised a rap to the theme from "Fresh Prince of Bel Air".  It was outstanding and super fun.  Then Paul, Erin's dad, had one more surprise in store for his daughter: right before their Father-Daughter song started, I played a 10 second clip from Black Sheep song "The Choice is Yours".  Erin and everybody busted up, and their dance started off on a cool note.  Dancing went all night until 10pm, when noise regulations shut down Three Ponds.  We could have gone a couple of hours more- at the end I had both the lower and upper dance floors packed and had another dozen requests that I just ran out of time for.  What a great bunch!
Lower Dance Floor
I have to give a big shout out and thanks to Lauren from Liane McCombs Events- she helped smooth things over all day and night.  She made sure I had eaten and kept me hydrated during the height of the dancing.  She was always checking on seemingly small details and making sure we all were on plan and that the guests and bridal party had everything they needed.  She was constantly on the move and involved behind the scenes all night.  When the bars were running out of ice, she had her assistant make an ice run.  Thanks Lauren & Liane!  But thanks most of all to Lynn & Paul and Adam & Erin for letting me be a part of such a magical day and evening.  Congrats Erin & Adam!
Upper Dance Floor

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tommy & Randee at D'Andrea Golf Club with Zinser Photography

Receptions at D'Andrea are always special with the thoughtful staff, delicious food, and breathtaking views and when you pair these things up with a gorgeous bride, a terrific groom and some great Victorian House vendors, you have a guaranteed phenomenal evening.

Randee was stunning in her dress from Alfred Angelo and the rest of the bridal party looked amazing as well.  When I played "Canon in D" by the Angels of Venice, she emerged from around the balcony and there was an audible intake of breath and a huge smile on Tommy's face.  The wedding was officiated by Pastor Kris Dahir who always does an exceptional ceremony and it was a very memorable one.

Taking much better pictures than these were Evan and Kinsey Zinser of Zinser Photography.  They are awesome wedding photographers and just great people to boot.  They treat every event they photograph as if it were their own family and regularly go above and beyond to exceed their clients' expectations.

One of Randee & Tommy's more unique ideas was to have the rest of the bridal party enter to the theme from "Star Wars", a very regal and upbeat song.  But then they entered to the "Imperial March" from The Empire Strikes Back, which everyone cheered and loved.
Randee and Yours Truly

Lots of popular dance songs were played, but I enjoyed the fact that Randee and her family really enjoyed '80s funk- Dazz Band, Kool & the Gang, Cameo etc.  so a lot of classic R&B and hip-hop was danced to.  Once again, thanks to Stef, Savannah and the rest of the super crew at D'Andrea, and congrats again to Tommy & Randee!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Patrick & Danae at D'Andrea Golf Club

Another amazing ceremony and reception last night at what is turning out to be my favorite venue, D'Andrea.  Patrick and Danae and their families were awesome and so again was the staff at D'Andrea.  I have written about them in prior blog postings: Stef, Savannah and Shelby are so friendly and accommodating to their guests that they seem like family members instead of venue staff.  And I haven't written about Marcus & Moose, their outstanding bartenders.  They are always laughing and joking with the guests and when the music starts I see them dancing and playing air-guitar while tending bar.  Maybe that is what I like about D'Andrea most of all: they do their job because they love what they do and it shows in their smiles and the quality service they provide.  I can relate to that- I love my job and when your DJ is smiling and enjoying the reception, it tends to be contagious.  Now just multiply that by 10 and that's what you get from the people at D'Andrea.
Case in point: here are Patrick & Danae listening to the toast by their Maid of Honor Christine.  The toast was scheduled to be inside, but Danae & Pat went outside for sunset photos and loved the lights coming on and the cool temperature.  They asked Shelby if they could possibly do the toasts outdoors.  So D'Andrea quickly brought the champagne out and within a few minutes we were toasting out on the beautiful patio.
With such a great couple, crowd, and servers the dancing went on and on.  Two hours past the scheduled end in fact.  And it could have continued further, but Danae & Pat's limo had already been waiting outside for an hour and the B&G had an early flight to Cancun, so we all reluctantly called it a night.  As far as music goes, I was able to play a wide variety of tunes.  Some of the highlights were "Friends in Low Places", "Thriller", "Crazy Girl" and "Get Low" but every song rocked.  Danae & Patrick danced their first dance to "Then" by Brad Paisley, but the coolest song of the night had to be the Mother-Son dance.  Pat and his mom Teri danced to "Wild Thing" by the Troggs, which is a first for me, but everyone was laughing and cheering- it was a memorable moment amongst many.  Thanks to D'Andrea, the great guests and family and especially Danae & Patrick for letting me be a part of their day.  I love my job!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dana & Frank at D'Andrea with Zinser Photography and Photobooth and Pastor Kristopher Dahir

What a magical ceremony and reception for Frank and Dana at D'Andrea Golf Club up in the hills overlooking Reno & Sparks!  I thought I'd be different this post and take pictures of Evan Zinser hard at work photographing the event.  He gets such amazing shots, and when I saw him shooting this one I just had to take a picture.  Dana is a beautiful woman, both inside and out, and framed by D'Andrea's glass doors, she looked positively ethereal.  Frank was no slouch either in his dress whites (see below), and together they were one of the best-dressed couples I've seen in 600+ weddings.
Another Victorian House member, Pastor Kristopher Dahir officiated the ceremony and it was special and memorable.  Pastor Kris has a way of calming nerves, interjecting a bit of humor, and leaving the assembled with an outstanding message that makes him heads above other officiants in the area.  I always am uplifted by his message of love and God, and his advice for relationships that everyone benefits from, not just the bride and groom.
After walking down the aisle to "Endless Love" and leaving as a married couple to "Kiss Me" by Sixpence None the Richer, the guests went inside to amazing appetizers and cold drinks passed out by the always exceptional D'Andrea staff.  Stef and her staff are top-notch: everyone is very friendly, efficient and truly invested in the flow and feel of the event. Shelby & Savannah lead a great bunch of waiters and cooks and I am always amazed at the hard work they all put in in front of and behind the scenes.  Also exceptional are the bartenders who adroitly dealt with the crush of an open bar and a hundred thirsty guests as soon as the ceremony was over, and kept everyone happy all night long.  They obviously enjoy their work and were dancing and playing air guitar behind the bar at times.  If you want an outstanding venue, with a killer view, amazing food, and a staff that treats you like family, D'Andrea is for you!

The toasts were memorable, especially Frank's at the end.  What a class guy, and what a great family he is marrying into!  Dana & Frank then started the dancing with "At Last" by Beyonce', and their dance lessons by Doug & Charlie of the Dancin' Partners really made it elegant and special.  The dance floor was rocking all night, and the guests loved the Zinser Photobooth staffed by Josh and the jars of candy on each table.  D'Andrea even had s'mores outside at the fire ring later in the evening.  It was an outstanding event, one I was privileged to be a part of.  Thanks & congrats Frank and Dana!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wendy & Michael at Edgewood

Had a blast being a part of Wendy & Mike's ceremony and reception up on the shores of Lake Tahoe at the always elegant Edgewood.  The rainstorms stayed away and the temperature was perfect for a lakeshore, sandy beach wedding.  Wendy walked in to a beautiful rendition of "Canon in D" and the newly married couple exited to Jack Johnson's "Better Together".  Following cocktails and appetizers on the deck, the guests were seated in the South Room and Mike & Wendy made their Grand Entrance accompanied by Queen's "Your My Best Friend".   The typically delicious Edgewood buffet followed: I am always amazed by the quality of the food and the professionalism of the servers that work there.  Walter and his staff are friendly, professional, and truly care about their guests.  And they are efficient as well.  For example, the buffet line was on the dancefloor, and when it came time to toast and dance, he and his crew had the entire line down and the dancefloor cleared in less than four minutes.  I know, because right as they began I started a song that was 3:51 long, and they were completely done before it was over.  Amazing!
Lots of great dancing ensued throughout the evening.  Most memorable were a very animated bunch of dancers during "Thriller" and a great sing-along version of "Baby Got Back".  I was pleased to be able to download and play a Blackhawk song for a couple celebrating their 7th anniversary as well as play a few other romantic favorites for couples including songs by Allison Krause and the Turtles.  Not only do I get to see the magic when the bride and groom dance their first dance, but I get to see it relived on the faces of family and guests when I play their important song.  What a great job I have!  Thanks Edgewood!  Thanks Wendy & Michael for having me play your ceremony and reception!  Wishing you lots of happy, wonderful years of marriage...

Monday, July 25, 2011

Matt & Breanne at Hidden Valley Country Club

What an amazing day and evening at Hidden Valley with Breanne and Matt!  Here Breanne is walking towards her groom and all the guests with her dad Ed.  I had a great view of the ceremony officiated by Mark Frady as I played the processional songs: "You & Me" by Dave Mathews Band for her bridesmaids and "First Day of My Life" by Bright Eyes for her and her dad.  Their recessional was "Signed, Sealed, Delivered- I'm Yours" by Stevie Wonder which got everyone up and singing.  Great song choice!

After the ceremony, the guests headed to the terrace for cool drinks, appetizers and fun pictures with Jo from Reno Photo Booth.  When Breanne and Matt came in from pix, Kathy and her incredible staff at Hidden Valley had a delicious dinner ready and served 210 people in about 20 minutes.  Amazing!  I have worked at Hidden Valley numerous times, and am always grateful for Kathy and her many talents. She will cue me on when the bridal party is ready to march, then be setting up tables inside, then directing her excellent staff, and later that night she was on her hands & knees cleaning up a drink spilled on the dance floor.  She and her staff strive to make everyone feel at home and exceed their client's expectations (as well as those of this grateful DJ).

Matt & Breanne really made the whole day their own.  They paid attention to the smallest details, from decor to innovative cards instead of a guestbook, to a Candy Bar ( a table with dozens of kinds of candies with bags and scoops), to a room where there were all kinds of fun activities for kids.  Their cake was a bundt cake (see above) with hundreds of mini-bundt cakes for their guests.  Being right beside the cake table (notice a speaker) I tasted a couple- delicious!  Later, a huge beer-bong was brought out which the bridal party indulged in, and later Matt was "Iced" during the garter toss...
The dancing went on and on, touching everything from the latest hits to disco, motown and a lot of 90's hip hop.  The Dougie and all the slides and shuffles were huge and the party didn't stop until midnight.  What a great bunch of folks celebrating with a special couple.  Congrats Bree & Matt and thanks for letting me be a part of your tremendous wedding day and night!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Gemini & Reid at D'Andrea

Reid & Gemini had a late-afternoon wedding overlooking Reno at D'Andrea Country Club.  The wind was minimal and the temperature was balmy as the bride walked out to "Storybook Love" by Mark Knopfler.  After a beautiful ceremony, the bridal couple exited to "Always Something" by I Hate Kate. 

D'Andrea is a special venue.  It is close to town but the view is spectacular.  The wildlife is plentiful as well.  A hawk screeched over the ceremony, and I saw lots of rabbits, quail, and marmots.  The rooms are intimate yet accommodating.  The staff, lead by Stefanie and Shelby are all top-notch and really go the extra mile for their guests.  I was privileged to have some of their cheese raviolis- delicious!  The music for dinner was special in that the family loves Big Band and Sinatra and that they are related to legendary band leader Louis Prima, so I was able to play many of the great swing hits that I don't get to play as often.

For a smaller group, there were always people on the dance floor, which makes my job a pleasure.  Gemini & Reid danced to "It's You" by I Hate Kate for their first dance, and Dana (Gemini's dad) cut a mean rug with his daughter to the Tarantella.  The Anniversary Dance was special with most of the couples married over 30 years- Gemini's grandparents were the last couple on the floor with I believe 53 years of marriage.  What great examples the two families have set for the bride and groom...
Congratulations Reid & Gemini!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Phil & Bevan at the Lakeview Lodge at Heavenly

What an amazing venue!  What an amazing couple!  Phil & Bevan light up the room when you meet them with an almost tangible aura of love for each other.  To have been a part of their wedding day reminds me of what a cool job I have- what an absolute pleasure it is to do what I do.  Their ceremony was simple yet beautiful with tears, laughs and heartfelt vows that came from the very core of their love for one another, all punctuated by the beauty of the Sierras and Lake Tahoe 2000' below.
One of the coolest things about a wedding at Heavenly is how you get up to the Lakeview Lodge.  You don't just have a ballroom somewhere amongst other parties or hotel guests- you have a Lodge all to yourselves, and the only way up is via the gondola.  The bridal party, guests, and the DJ (and his equipment) all come up on the tram during the day and descend back down to earth with the lights encircling Lake Tahoe.  No wonder they call it Heavenly.  Here the bridal party rides the tram for a picture opportunity after the ceremony.
Libby and her staff at Heavenly really make everyone feel at home and well taken care of.  From the gondola pilot, to the bartenders, to the servers, everyone does their utmost to keep the event running smoothly and their guests happy.  The buffet was delicious as well.  My favorites were the fresh steamed and grilled vegetables and the tri-tip with whiskey reduction sauce.  Yum!  Once the dancing started, it never stopped and I really liked Bevan & Phil's music list- very eclectic and very fun songs.  Here they are Cha Cha sliding but some other memorable songs packing the dancefloor included "The Safety Dance" by Men Without Hats, "Apache" by the Sugarhill Gang, "Friends in Low Places" by Garth Brooks, and "I'm on a Boat" by Lonely Island.  Their first dance was "Like Red on a Rose" by Alan Jackson and for a couple who said that they didn't dance very well, they were in perfect "First Dance Bliss", where the world revolves around them for the length of a song.
Here we are at the end of the night.  Bevan had changed from her gown into an equally spectacular party dress- what a beautiful bride!  Phil's not too shabby himself, especially after just having conducted a best-dressed dance-off.  Me, well I'm not much to look at but I'm a damn good DJ- and a lucky one at that to be able to be a part of their day.  Thanks for your service to our country and congratulations Bevan & Phil!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Amanda & Joe at the Orchard House in Genoa with Emily Clark Photography

  Had a fantastic time at the Orchard House in Genoa playing Joe & Amanda's wedding.  The weather was perfect and the grounds are gorgeous.  What an amazing venue!  Betsy & Randy treat their guests like family as they share their little piece of paradise with everyone.  Joe and Amanda had a 20's-30's  theme, complete with his grandfather's Model A and lots of Big Band music during cocktails and dinner.   Joe and his best man Brandon brewed 5 different types of beer which were enjoyed by all.  Amanda & Joe danced to Adele's "Make you Feel My Love" and Amanda and her dad Virgil danced to "be Ever Wonderful" by Earth Wind & Fire.
  Emily Clark photographed the wedding and is quickly turning into one of my favorite photographers.  She is easy to work with, unobtrusive, and gets all the right shots.  Check out her website and blog for pix of this wedding and more.  This is my favorite shot as it features not only Amanda & Joe but Patti & Robby for whom I had the pleasure of deejaying their wedding last year.  Great crowd and lots of dancing!
 Anniversary Dance!
 Money dance!
Joe and his mom Noreen dancing to "Moondance" by Van Morrison.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Charlotte & Josh 6-18-11 at Camp WeChMe at Galena Creek Park

had the pleasure of deejaying Josh & Charlotte's wedding last weekend with Melody from A Simply Splendid Event up at the lodge at Galena Creek Park (Camp WeChMe).  The weather was spectacular for a wedding and dancing amongst the pines.  The great house there and the meadow for the ceremony have to be one of my favorite venues, and most people don't know about it!

Charlotte & Josh, their family, bridal party and friends were super fun and danced the evening away.  Josh & Charlotte put their own stamp on the music for the events and it went off great.  After over 620 weddings, how many couples have I introduced with the theme from the A-Team playing?  One, Josh & Charlotte.  Awesome!  My favorite dancing moment of many was when Mac & Marilyn were the last ones dancing the Anniversary Dance.  They had just celebrated their 60th anniversary the day before, and the outpouring of love and congratulations was tremendous.

Their coordinator, Melody at A Simply Splendid Event was amazing. She truly cares about every little aspect of the couple's day, the experience of the guests, and the needs of the professionals. My favorite Melody moment was her keeping the ringbearers happy and engaged in the moments before the Grand Entrance. Not an easy thing to do but she made it happen, along with countless other details during the day. If you need a coordinator who will do everything to make your day all that you imagined, give Melody a call.

Congrats once again to Charlotte & Josh!  Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your amazing day!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lyndsay & Jake at the Peppermill- Capri Ballroom, June 11th, 2011

Sometimes you meet a couple and you know in that instant that their wedding day will be extraordinary.  It could be from their body language, their sense of humor, or their exuberance for each other and their new life together.  Jake & Lyndsay exemplify all these properties.  I knew I wanted to be a part of their day, and was honored when they chose me to be their DJ.

The Peppermill's Capri Ballroom was decorated in white and pink, and the placecards were held in place by slotted lemons (worthy of being grown on the actual island of Capri, I might add).  Very different and cool.  Their moms, Penny & Sandy made party favors for everyone reflecting their heritage: homemade Scottish shortbread and Italian biscotti, merging the two families in baking yumminess.  Also being merged were the two nationalities: American and Canadian.  I think I heard "aboot" instead of "about" a dozen times.  It was great to see all the friends and family that had come from the Great White North and even as far as Europe come to celebrate with the newlyweds.

As far as the party is concerned, it rocked!  All kinds of music was played, including a Russian dance number that Jake and his groomsmen pulled off magnificently.  The tunes ranged from Chubby Checker to the Cupid Shuffle; from Abba to Flo Rida and almost everything in between.  The dancefloor was rocking all night.  For me, when a group knows how to Slide, do the Dougie and loves "Apache" then my job is super easy.  I took well over 30 requests off the floor of all kinds of music and whatever it was, it was danced to.  When people are singing with gusto to Nena's "99 Balloons" in German, you know the party is out-of-bounds.

Theresa is the Peppermill's wedding coordinator and she and the banquet captain Nelly were easy to work with, very professional and were great examples of the Peppermill's customer service.  The bartender, Kendra, was amazing as well.  Very nice to everyone and she really got along with the Bridal Party and family.  I heard lots of praises for her through the night, which is sort of unusual but very cool.

Congrats to Lyndsay & Jake, and thanks to all the guests and family- great party, great people!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mott Wedding-Nugget-Zinser Photography

Had a great time deejaying Ryan & Melissa's reception at John Ascuaga's Nugget in Sparks. It was the first time I have played the Poolside Terrace on the 5th floor, and I was impressed both by the room and the staff.  The room is away from the normal convention ballrooms which makes it more private and exclusive.  Lots of windows and great linens and decorations really made the room seem airy and festive, but the real stars are the excellent servers and staff of the Nugget.

Jeanie was the head server and was amazing in all respects: friendly and attentive with the guests, very helpful to a certain DJ, and always smiling- what a great ambassador for the Nugget!  Just as impressive were Liz and Emil.  Liz was in charge and she dove in to help at various points, dealing with everything with professionalism and speed.  Emil was just one great server amongst many, but he was always smiling, asking guests if they needed anything even though he had already anticipated and fulfilled their needs.  He made me feel very much at home from the minute I arrived and he did the same for Melissa & Ryan's guests.  Everyone was great to work with and a pleasure to be around.  If you want great service with a staff that really prides itself with it's professionalism and friendliness, check out the Nugget.

Evan Zinser  of Zinser Photography was the photographer, and I know when he is at an event that everything will go off smoothly and that the bride & groom will get some amazing photos.  I will post some more of his work on my website to go with his pix of Mandy & Whip's wedding already there.

Following a great dinner and some very heart-felt toasts, Ryan & Melissa danced to Sade's "By Your Side" and then the "Buffalo Girls" (Melissa's friends) took over and the party got going.  Lots of great dancing ended with Norah & Wylcef's "Any Other Day".   It was a great reception and I was privileged to be a part of it.  Congrats Mr & Mrs Mott!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Nevada Governor's Military Ball

Had a phenomenal time last night at the Reno Ballroom playing for our men and women in uniform, some who had just returned from deployments in Afghanistan.  I volunteered my time and was rewarded by lots and lots of dancing and tired feet towards the end of the night.  What an amazing and stunning-looking bunch of folks!  You see these men and women around town in their camo uniforms and they look purposeful and serious, but seeing them in their formal uniforms is a real treat.  I was truly proud of them and happy to be able to play them the songs that made them dance and get close to that wife or husband that maybe hadn't seen much of them for the past year.

Governor Sandoval was there and met and shook hands with the guests until he had carpal-tunnel I'd imagine.  He seems like a fine commander in chief of Nevada's Guard and is well-liked by the troops.  I kept thinking I'd get over there and say hello, but the dance floor never let up and there was always a crowd of sharp-dressed troops talking with him.  No worries.

My son Kenny helped me deejay and collected the many requests that came from the floor.  He is in ROTC at his high school and it was great that he could experience this event and see the great people serving our country and state.

Charlie and Doug, the Dancin' Partners, were also there and graced the floor with their amazing and seemingly effortless dancing.  Charlie is involved in many Veterans groups and boards and was a full-bird colonel in the Army before she started teaching us Nevadans how to really light up the dance floor.  She was also was a great help in deciphering the various uniforms and what they signified.  What a great event, and thanks go out to Keith and Jerome as well as the great staff from the Silver Legacy who really are top-notch.  Hoo-rah!