Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Jason & Nicole's Wedding at Sunnyside Resort on Lake Tahoe

Sunnyside Resort up at Lake Tahoe was the spectacular setting for Nicole & Jason's ceremony and reception late this summer.  It was a bright and sunny Saturday without a cloud in the sky, and the deck was filled with loved ones and friends sharing their special day.  Nicole had handkerchiefs placed on every chair embroidered with "Cry Happy Tears" and her aunt Kelly performed a uplifting and personal ceremony that had everyone using their handkerchiefs one moment and laughing the next.  Nicole entered to Vitamin String Quartet's version of Clapton's 'Wonderful Tonight' while her bridal party preceded her with VSQ's 'Bittersweet Symphony'.  When the newly married couple exited the ceremony, their recessional was Iz's 'Over the Rainbow', which always is a crowd favorite.
View from the dock.
The DJ's view!
As the bridal party and family took pictures around the resort, the guests were treated to appetizers and mimosas and I played classic rock as per the bride and groom's choice.  It was fun entertaining not only their guests but the people coming for lunch at Sunnyside's terrace.  It was a fun and happy crowd all around.  A lot of that has to do with the great staff at Sunnyside.  Everyone is attentive, efficient and and very amicable, led by the competent duo of Mel & Erin coordinating the event.  They were outstanding- always making sure every small detail was correct and that every guest was happy and taken care of.  Same with the wait staff and even management- they couldn't do enough for everyone, even keeping the DJ hydrated and fed.  And the meal was outstanding!  I was lucky enough to have lived in Guatemala for a year, and the fishing down there is amazing.  We would catch mahi-mahi (dorado) all the time and eat it fresh, so I am not eager to try mahi at local places here, as it always tastes a bit old.  Not so at Sunnyside!  The mahi was flown in the night before and tasted like it had just been caught- boy was I impressed!  Apparently they are affiliated with resorts in Hawaii, and they have it shipped directly to them.  The rest of the food was delicious as well, even if it wasn't shipped quite as far to get there.  Bravo to the chefs and management.  First class!
Jason & Nicole's first dance as husband & wife!
After the tremendous meal and some heartfelt toasts, the newlyweds cut their baseball-themed cake and then came back out onto the deck and danced their first dance to "Amazed'" by Lonestar.  The Father/Daughter & Mother/Son Dance then followed (Aerosmith's "Don't Want to Miss a Thing") and then open dancing.  Nicole & Jason are big fans of modern pop and club music and that was the soundtrack of the rest of the afternoon, with some slow songs interspersed here and there to bring in the romance factor.  The bride & groom had some great moments taking pix near and in the lake, and when they left the reception, they rode off on a jet ski!  Very cool and unique!
Dancing on the deck
It was great to play for such a fun crowd and I got some neat requests from bridal party members and guests for their first dance songs, allowing them to re-live their wedding days as well.  "Blue Hawaii" by Elvis was one such request from a pair of grandparents, and they immediately were on the floor beaming like newlyweds.  I love being able to recreate special moments, as well as help create new ones.  Thanks to Nicole and Jason for inviting me to be a part of their day.  Thanks to their great crowd of family & friends who were so great to talk with, and thanks to Mel & Erin and everyone at Sunnyside for their hard work and dedication.  What a spectacular afternoon!